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Company overview

Establishment July 1969
Representative Representative Director Takuya Yamazoe
Capital 20 million yen
Number of employees 55 (including part-time workers)
Three main items ・Precision parts processing
・Industrial machine parts processing
・Machine tool parts processing
Main customers ・Okuma Corporation
・Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.
・Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
・Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
◎We have had transactions with companies in the semiconductor industry, automotive industry, aerospace defense industry, cooling/heating and air conditioning equipment industry, and construction industry.
Financing banks ・The Mie Bank Main Branch, Sales Department 
・KitaiseUeno Shinkin Bank Main Branch 
・ Shoko Chukin Bank Yokkaichi Branch
・Japan Finance Corporation Tsu Branch 
・Kuwanamie Shinkin Bank Oyachi Branch
Original website
NC network website
Website for our product "SAMURA-IN"
Website for our product "best pot"


Approach for sales

We are committed to proposal-based sales, where we offer not just products themselves, but also their value.

The sales operations we carry out are not"product sales" that sell "things."

Proposals for the design department

Based on the technologies we have accumulated, we make VE proposals at the product development stage.

Proposals for procurement

We make proposals to reduce the amount of work and the number of documents produced by carrying out lathing, machining and grinding in an integrated production.

Proposals for process control

For complicated process management operations that manage multiple processes, we make proposals for the thorough implementation of detailed reporting, communication, and consulting to meet deadlines.

Proposals for quality control

We develop prototypes of mass-produced products for evaluation, and make proposals to provide you with a quality that satisfies you.
We respond quickly to all your requests and provide you with value-added services.
We will solve your "problems" by utilizing our services and technology we are confident in.

Processing technology

We are confident in processing round objects with high precision.

From medium- to large-sized (φ300 to φ800) round objects, we carry out lathing, machining, and grinding using our own equipment in integrated production to the completion of the parts.

We excel at high precision processing of thin-walled products.

High precision processing is possible even in hollow (pipe) shapes with thin walls, which are easily deformed by chuck pressure, etc.

We can solve the issues that accompany special shapes for castings using a four-claw lathe.

We employ the skills of craftsmen to solve issues that arise, which is becoming rare these days. Let us handle the lathing processing for castings and square objects.

5-axis machining is possible even for hard-to-cut materials.

We will "cut anything but air." Our spirit for taking on challenges has developed our ability to deal with hard-to-cut materials.

Corresponding area of processing

Processing size

Sizes we specialize in Φ200 to Φ700 mm x 10 L to 600 L
Lathe Φ50 to Φ1000 mm x 10 L to 1000 L
Vertical machining X 2000 x Y 700 x Z 400
Horizontal machining X 800 × Y 800 × Z 800
Grinding Φ50 to Φ700 mm x 10 L to 600 L

Applicable materials

Castings FC, FCD, SCS, AC, etc.
Steel SS, SC, SCM, STKM, etc.
Aluminum A2000, A5000, A7000, etc.
Stainless steel SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, etc.
Other special materials Brass, copper, Inconel, titanium, etc.


Lot 1 to 200 per month
* Differs depending on tolerances, size, etc., so please consult us.


Geometrical tolerance Stable supply of 0.01
* We have achieved roundness of 0.002. It differs depending on the shape,
so please consult us.

Industry experience

Industry experience Machine tools, industrial machinery, industrial robots, semiconductors, automobiles, aerospace defense, cooling and heating equipment,
air conditioning equipment, and construction equipment
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